Retail Digital Footprint

Start and/or boost your digital transformation with Weruva!

Whether you’re just starting out, or already have your digital profiles established, we’re here to help you along the way. We know there’s tons of competing information out there, so below we’ve compiled a list of helpful information about key applications to help your store be found locally and social platforms to connect with your community. We’ve also included a checklist to make sure your digital footprint is as healthy as it can be!

A NEW addition is the Weruva Small Business Digital Sales Playbook – this PDF is packed full of useful information to help you reach your customers on digital platforms in new and creative ways.

Local Listings:

Gone are the days of printed Yellow Pages. To be discovered in the digital era you’ll want to make sure your store is listed on applications such as Google My Business (maps & search), Bing, Apple Maps, Yelp, Waze, and Facebook to name a few.

We suggest all of the above applications for being found of course, but if you’re going to pick one and focus on it, we HIGHLY recommend Google My Business (still need convincing? read this). We put together a checklist for Google My Business to help you get started on the right foot.

  • Google My Business (here is a great video to walk you through setup, or listen to this podcast that is a step by step self-help for beginners.)
    • Claim your business.
      • Have multiple locations? Make sure they are verified under a single account.
    • Is your “category” correct?
      • “Pet Store” is the most commonly searched industry phrase
      • Offer other services? Add them ALL at alternate categories.
    • Is your contact information correct?
      • The listing name should match your store name.
      • Address name – make sure your address spelling matches what is written on your website EXACTLY.
      • Do you have your website, phone, email added?  
    • Are your hours of operation correct?
      • Make sure holiday and special event hours are included.
    • Reviews – do you have any?
      • Encourage customers to review your store and services.
      • Always respond to reviews, whether good or bad!
    • Do you have quality photos of the outside, inside, and top products?
      • Storefront is important to have. Maybe include a picture of the staff so people get to know you. 
    • Advanced:
      • Analytics – Check back often, you can see your performance and make changes to improve views. 
      • Google Posts & Events – Do you have special events, sales, demos, or adoption days that you’d like to promote? Make an event or post to let people know what you’re doing!
      • Ads – Boost your store to the top of the list with minimal spend.
      • Messenger – Download the app and turn on messaging to connect with customers in real-time. 
      • Products – New to Google My Business, you can create a basic catalog so customers can see what you offer in-store. We have beautiful hi-res images ready for you to download here.
    • Make sure notifications are turned on – Google My Business will send you emails to help you improve and let you know when there is a problem.

Social Media Presence:

Potential customers are everywhere, especially on social media! With a Facebook or Instagram profile, you’ll be able to connect with a larger local audience instantly! Looking for a way to boost your posts and geo-target to your local area, click here!

  • Facebook (here is a guide to set up a new page)
    • Did you select the right business category?
    • Are you set up as a business template?
    • Is your Cover Photo a good clean picture? We recommend using a well-lit photo from the front of your store. 
    • Profile picture – best to use your store logo.
    • Have you added all relevant business information?
      • General About
      • Location
      • Hours
      • Contact Information
      • Website
    • Make sure notifications are turned on so you don’t miss a question. 
  • Instagram (get started with Instagram today)
    • Create a unique username
    • Have an on-brand profile picture (we suggest your logo)
    • Make your bio short & sweet 
    • Add your website link
    • Post a picture! (Your smartphone is an amazing camera)
    • Keep posting – start with a couple of times a week and increase as you have time. 
    • Engage with customers – they will talk to you, so don’t forget to reply. 
    • Content is king – pay attention to what your customers are asking or looking for in-store. That’s a great place to gather ideas for content.

With that, you should be on your way to a healthier digital footprint. If you ever need assistance or are looking for social content from Weruva to share, please contact your local Weruva sales rep and they will be happy to help you!