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Weruva’s VERY OWN recycling program and initiative for the reuse and repurposing of our pet food pouches – giving them another life!

How It Works

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We Ru Cycle Questions

What is We Ru Cycle?

Weruva’s We Ru Cycle is short for Webster and Rudi’s recycling Green Paw initiative for recycling, reuse, and repurposing of your pet food packaging! Webster and Rudi are two of Weruva’s original rescue cats and the inspiration for creating the best pet food under the sun. Now they’re also our inspiration for creating a sustainable recycling program for all those who feed Weruva food products.

What package/material types are currently accepted?

We Ru Cycle ONLY accepts flexible, multi-layer plastic pouches. So send in your emptied, rinsed and dried Weruva pet food pouches! From Slide N’ Serve Patés to Dogs in the Kitchen pouches, we’ve got you covered!

How do I recycle my pet food pouches with We Ru Cycle?

Once you purchase your Weruva pouches and feed their delicious contents to your favorite, furry friends:

1) Rinse and dry your pouches
2) Save and collect your pouches
3) Mail your pouches to:

We Ru Cycle
4190 Collins Rd.
Unadilla, GA 31091

What happens to the pouches once they are recycled?

Once you mail in your pouches to the recycling facility, they are sorted with similar materials. Those materials are then utilized by other companies to create new materials. The pouches you send in will be turned into things like playground ground covering, rubber parking stops, plastic pallets, park benches and more!

Why can’t my home recycling center, recycle these pouches?

The pouches that Weruva uses to package their foods in are considered a flexible multi-layer plastic pouch, local facilities do not recycle or downcycle these. That is why Weruva has partnered with a speciality material recovery facility that has the ability to downcycle these pouches into plastics that get used for low grade applications like filler for parking blocks.

Do you accept other brand’s packaging?

Sorry, we cannot accept another brand’s packaging. There are many different kinds of material blends and packaging types out there so it is not possible for us to know if another brand’s packaging meets the specific requirements of our material recovery facility. If there is a Weruva logo on the back of the pouch then it’s OK to recycle with the We Ru Cycle program.

What If I live in Canada?

At this time the We Ru Cycle program is only available to residents of the U.S.. We’re continually working to find ways to create a Canada-based program as well. Please stay tuned for more information and we thank you for your patience.

Where do I send my Weruva food pouches?

We Ru Cycle
4190 Collins Road
Unadilla, GA 31091

Who can I contact about We Ru Cycle?

Email us at [email protected]

How do I become a Community Collection Center for We Ru Cycle?

Sign Up by emailing [email protected]! Our recycling experts will follow up with you to get you everything you need to become a designated We Ru Cycle collection center.

*Please note this is for retail locations only at this time.

Send Pouches To:

We Ru Cycle
4190 Collins Road
Unadilla, GA 31091