Group: Product Questions

Are Weruva’s pouches and cups recyclable?

Weruva pouches and cups are now both BPA free and recyclable! Visit our We Ru Cycle page for more information on how you can recycle your Weruva pouches.

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Why carrageenan-free?

Over the years we’ve received many requests to remove carrageenan from our aspic recipes from pet parents who are looking to phase it out of their cats’ diets. So, we listened and did just that – Weruva cat foods are now Carrageenan Free! Carrageenan is an ingredient that helps thicken foods and make the aspic […]

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Where are your ingredients sourced from?

Chicken The chickens we use are raised in a cage-free, climate-controlled environment. They’re raised indoors, allowing for greater control over their non-GMO diet, and making it easier to monitor their health and wellbeing. The chickens we source are part of an Animal Welfare Standard, meeting ethical treatment guidelines that help protect livestock and cattle at […]

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