Where are your ingredients sourced from?

The chickens we use are raised in a cage-free, climate-controlled environment. They’re raised indoors, allowing for greater control over their non-GMO diet, and making it easier to monitor their health and wellbeing. The chickens we source are part of an Animal Welfare Standard, meeting ethical treatment guidelines that help protect livestock and cattle at the farm, during transport and at the time of processing.

Beef and Lamb
Raised in Australia and New Zealand, beef and lamb are grass-fed as per strict regulations pertaining to the humane treatment of animals.

All fish, with the exception of tilapia and basa, are wild-caught in the ocean and purchased direct from the fishing companies. Along with the catch, there are certifications from the ships’ captains that the catches are dolphin- and turtle-safe. The organization Earth Island Institute looks to protect the environment and maintain fishing sustainability, and Earth Island Institute recognizes the practices of our manufacturing facility.