Feeding Suggestions for Dogs (Wet Foods)

On our wet food labels we suggest to “Feed according to the age, size, and activity of your dog. If fed alone, feed 1.0oz for each pound of bodyweight daily.” Ideally, figuring out how much to feed your very unique pup comes down to trial and error, but it is of course great to have a starting point.

To find your starting point there is a formula called the “Resting Energy Requirement” which calculates how much a dog should eat just to survive. The formula is:

RER = 70 + (weight in kg x 30)

Then there are “multipliers” that can be added on to better target your dog’s needs.

Maintenance 1.6
Weight Loss 1
Weight Gain 1.7
Active 2
Highly Active 3
Working Dog 6

Let’s take a look at the RER formula for a small, medium, and large dog to get a better idea of the required calories.

Small (20lb): 70 + (9kg x 30) = 340 Calories, at maintenance 340 x 1.6 = 544 calories

Medium (45lb): 70 + (20.4kg x 30) = 682 Calories, at maintenance 682 x 1.6 = 1091 calories

Large (100lb): 70 + (45.4kg x 30) = 1432 Calories, at maintenance 1432 x 1.6 = 2291 calories

So, as you can see it will depend on the formula as how much to feed you pup if our wet foods are fed alone. You can find calorie content of all of our products on each product page, or a complete summary of detailed nutrition information here.

Using our examples above, translating calories a day to Weruva can foods, for a 45lb dog it would be about 4 cans of food (56oz), depending on the formula. As Weruva foods are high quality and meat-focused, it is often the case that not this much needs to be fed, thus the reason for trial and error.

For a small dog, feeding only wet food is great. For a larger dog, 4 or more cans a day maybe be considered a lot. So, for some pet parents of larger dogs we suggest to consider feeding wet food in conjunction with dry food. Assuming around 350-375 calories per cup of dry food, and feeding one cup in the morning and night, that would be more than half the calories from kibble. This would then leave about 1-2 cans total (to be split throughout the day), depending on the formula, for the morning and the evening feeding. And of course, both the kibble and wet food can be adjusted upward/downward to find the best combo for you and your dog.

Please let us know if you have questions or comments by contacting us here.