Weruva Cat Patés

Paté done right! We labored in the kitchen for months to find the perfect recipe for a paté that meets our standards. Behind door number one is the secret to a purrfect paté; simple and wholesome ingredients gently puréed so you literally see the difference in each recipe! And for bonus points we’re proud to introduce Slide N’ Serve pouches – we’re making it easier and more fun to feed your feline friends their favorite foods. Spin the wheel and choose from chicken only, fish only, and mixed protein options, or choose the variety pack for the ultimate indulgence.

Pate Flavors

Chicken Breast Dinner
Chicken Breast Dinner With Chicken Liver
Chicken Breast Dinner with Tuna
Chicken & Salmon Dinner
Wild Caught Salmon Dinner
Tuna Dinner
Beef & Salmon Dinner
Lamb & Mackerel Dinner
Chicken Dinner
Chicken Breast Dinner with Deboned Chicken
Chicken & Pumpkin Dinner
Chicken & Salmon Dinner
meows n' holler food can
Chicken & Shrimp Dinner
Chicken & Beef Dinner
Tuna & Salmon Dinner
Variety Pack
Variety Pack
New Variety Pack!
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Every Weruva recipe exceeds the highest standards for pet food.