Cats in the Kitchen Paté Pouches

Paté done right! Our cats spent a lot of time in the kitchen to perfect the latest recipes – patés in a pouch! With real ingredients like boneless, skinless premium cuts of meat and whole fish loins, our cats mixed things up with delicious and healthy add-ins like pumpkin or shrimp. And if one isn’t enough, then get your paws on the variety pack to try them all.

Cats in the Kitchen Pate Flavors

Duck & Tuna Dinner
New Paté!
Chicken & Salmon Dinner
New Paté!
Chicken & Shrimp Dinner
New Paté!
Chicken & Lamb Dinner
New Paté!
Chicken & Pumpkin Dinner
New Paté!
Beef & Salmon Dinner
New Paté!
Variety Pack
New Paté Variety Pack!
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