Tasty Testimonials

From picky eaters to health concerns, learn about what makes Weruva so great directly from the source, our customers.

Dear Weruva,
I just really want you to know how much we love and appreciate your food. All our special needs cats eat Weruva and we’ve seen such wonderful results from it. Their diet is extremely important… Especially , when they wear diapers and depend on me to express them. Roo ( pictured above) has a fatal genetic disorder which is slowly robbing him of his abilities to properly “cat”, and your food brings him so much joy. I was feeding him the Oh My Gravy, Seeya Sooner, but recently he’s been having more difficultly chewing. I went to our local Petco to scour the shelves to find something easy for him to eat when I came across your hydrating pâtés… I’m in tears at this point because your food has given him something healthy and delicious to look forward to each day that he can still eat on his own. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to making the lives of cats the best they can be. It does not go unnoticed and it is appreciated more than I could ever truly express.

Product: Weruva Paté Press Your Lunch

“My cat got sick and stopped eating or drinking for a while and this stuff was the only thing that got her eating again. She loves it. I give it to her every day now.”

TF Sanchez
Product: BFF OMG Variety Pack

“We were looking for a litter to replace our current walnut shell litter…The Tea Potty litter fits the bill! Maam likes it because it’s natural and non toxic, and the bag is light and easy to carry. Also, it’s practically dust free! Much less tracking than our other litter. The smell is really nice, natural not chemical! The odor control is pretty good so far, the summer will put it to the test. We have tried SO many litters. We do recommend trying this one out, especially if you’re looking for something natural!”


“I got them to mix with his normal dry dog food to add some extra nutrition to his diet as he’s getting old and wont eat normal dry so much. so I mixed a pack with about a cup of his dog food and put it in his bowl and sat it in front of him. what would normally take him 15 minutes to eat and a lot of ‘come eat baby’ was gone in a matter of seconds. He loved them so much Im beginning to believe this what I would call an expensive pet food is 100% worth it.”

Amazon Customer
Product: Goldie Lox Dogs in the Kitchen

“Our two pate lovers—Siggy and Sophia—absolutely devoured it and gave it five stars. William and I loved it too (five stars from us). And believe it or not, Ollie, the most finicky guy in our family who usually only eats shreds and hates pate, even liked it enough to eat a whole plate! It’s a very juicy pate, almost like it has gravy mixed in. The Waitriss likes it too because it’s grain free and natural (but no, we didn’t let her taste). So we hereby award it the Royal Family Seal of Approval.”

Weruva Customer

“The first is a picky eater and would go days without eating….just turn his nose up and walk away. Now I have a different problem…he is very insistent for his meals. Wakes me up in the morning demanding to be fed, pushes his bowl around the house or stands in the hall and barks at me.”


The first thing I like about Weruva is that they don’t even make any dry food. I also like that you can actually recognize the ingredients in their canned formulas.” Read the full review on The Conscious Cat.

Ingrid King

“My old 14yr old beagle mix used to sleep through breakfast. He also had what I though was a case of ‘old man gas’ but apparently it was the hidden ingredients in other big brand can food that was causing it. He now runs like a young man to his breakfast. His tummy bubbles are gone and my house doesn’t smell like ‘old man gas’ anymore. I love that pumpkin is one of the ingredients, although it looks like chicken stew. It looks and smells just like ‘people’ food and I would have shared it had it stayed that way. It’s worth the cost and cheaper than making it and storing it myself.”

Weruva Customer

“At 14 years of age, I want to ensure my senior cat gets the best, so I switched to feeding him this after other food didn’t hold his interest. It’s his favorite food and I love the added moisture it provides. He was never a cat that begged for food but when I switched over to this brand, he is eager to remind me when it’s feeding time! I use the pouches as he prefers that to the cans.”

Amazon Customer
Product: BFF OMG Variety Pack

“Maximum excitement reached for today’s breakfast. Mom opened up a Weruva Fowl Ball Pooch Pouch and a can of my favorite, Paw Lickin’ Chicken. Mom says I must have loved it – she turned around to give Patrick his plate and I was done with mine by the time she turned back around.”

Weruva Customer

“My male cat loves this formula, and cleans his bowl when I serve it. It is just the healthy variety of wet food I have been searching for. He is an indoor/outdoor cat and I like to give him food that is as close to what he would find in the wild, to discourage him from hunting all the time. I have tried many other grain-free varieties and he leaves food in the bowl every time with the others. A happy cat is a happy owner!”

Weruva Customer

“Have had indoor-only cats since 2001, so 17 years of dealing with litter boxes in a small home. Wish I had always known about this litter! It is by far the best I’ve ever used, and I’ve tried many of the top-rated, most popular, more expensive kinds.This litter:
1. Eliminates odor, nothing else comes close. It even has a light, refreshing natural wood scent on its own.
2. Super lightweight. The 11lb bag is huge compared to a clay litter 11lb box. Moving the full box is a breeze!
3. Clumps okay, but it’s important to scoop daily before the clumps lose strength.
4. Clumps are flushable! (Since it’s harmful to flush cat poop, it really helps that the poops naturally do not clump up with the urine.)
5. Has ZERO dust
6. Tracks a little bit, but a few pieces for maybe 2 or 3 feet. Way better than grains that end up all over the home, even on the bed.

Seriously, the best little I have ever used for my cats.”

Weruva Customer

“My senior cat loves this food, and between pancreatitis and CKD, she is very picky. She has CKD (chronic kidney disease) and she needs food that is low in phosphorus and moderate protein. This, and Weruva’s Goody Stew Shoes fit the requirements, AND she likes them! I have heard from other cat parents who have had the same experience. I like that they have high quality ingredients. If you don’t want to feed the prescription foods, give these a try!

Please never stop making this flavor!

Also, weruva is very transparent with the nutritional info on their website, which I can’t say for most other brands.”

Weruva Customer

“My very picky 12 year old chihuahua loves this! I mix it with her dry food & she eats it every time! She has sensitive belly issues, and I have had no problem with her at all. I am very happy. I only put 1/3 of the packet at once, so the size is very convenient. This is part of my monthly subscription!”

Weruva Customer

This is the best cat litter I have ever purchased. Besides the fact that this is all natural and great for our cat it is also great for us. It doesn’t track all over the place like some litters, the smell is great and virtually no odor after our cat uses it, plus it clumps perfectly making the litter box very easy to clean. Our cat loves it and so do we!

-Weruva Customer