Feline Festivus

Variety Pack (3.0 oz Variety Pack Can)

Limited Edition

Festivus Yes! (If cats had their own version of the holidays...)

A Festivus with the best-of-us! A non-holiday, holiday gift to celebrate Festivus with your kitty and 12 delicious flavors of Weruva's favorite foods. No Festivus miracles needed here, only real food ingredients that are free of grain, gluten, carrageenan, and any other bad stuff!
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The Weruva Feline Festivus variety pack includes all 12 of our favorite flavors from the delicious Weruva Classic Cat line of Weruva foods:

One Each of:
Paw Lickin’ Chicken
Grandma’s Chicken Soup
Funky Chunky
Nine Liver
Green Eggs & Chicken
Mideast Feast
Mack and Jack
Polynesian BBQ
Asian Fusion
Meow Luau
Marbella Paella
Outback Grill

Feeding Guidelines / Directions

Feed according to the age, size, and activity of your cat. If fed alone, feed 1.0oz for each pound of bodyweight daily. Your cat should have access to clean, fresh water. Refrigerate after opening.

Feeding Suggestions

Feeding Transition Directions

Despite how much your feline friends ask for Weruva's high-quality foods, it's best to transition them gradually onto a new food over a week. Start by mixing a small amount of Weruva in with their old food and slowly increase the amount of Weruva fed over 7 days. This will help your kitty to adjust to their new Weruva foods – Because WeLuvya

Weruva is committed to honest nutrition. View all Weruva Classic Cat nutrition information