Group: We Ru Cycle Questions

What happens to the pouches once they are recycled?

Once you mail in your pouches and cups to the recycling facility, they are sorted with similar materials. Those materials are then utilized by other companies to create new materials. The pouches and cups you send in will be turned into things like playground ground covering, rubber parking stops, plastic pallets, park benches and more!

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How do I recycle my pet food pouches with We Ru Cycle?

Once you purchase your Weruva pouches and/or cups and feed their delicious contents to your favorite, furry friends: 1) Rinse and dry your pouches/cups 2) Save and collect your pouches/cups 3) Mail your pouches to: We Ru Cycle 4190 Collins Rd. Unadilla, GA 31091

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What package/material types are currently accepted?

We Ru Cycle ONLY accepts cups and flexible, multi-layer plastic pouches. So send in your emptied, rinsed and dried Weruva pet food cups and pouches! From Slide N’ Serve Patés to Meals ‘n More, we’ve got you covered!

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