Group: We Ru Cycle Questions

What If I live in Canada?

At this time the We Ru Cycle program is only available to residents of the U.S.. We’re continually working to find ways to create a Canada-based program as well. Please stay tuned for more information and we thank you for your patience.

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Do you accept other brand’s packaging?

Sorry, we cannot accept another brand’s packaging. There are many different kinds of material blends and packaging types out there so it is not possible for us to know if another brand’s packaging meets the specific requirements of our material recovery facility. If there is a Weruva logo on the back of the pouch, or […]

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Why can’t my home recycling center, recycle these pouches?

The pouches and cups that Weruva uses to package their foods in, local facilities do not recycle or downcycle these. That is why Weruva has partnered with a speciality material recovery facility that has the ability to downcycle these pouches and cups into plastics that get used for low grade applications like filler for parking […]

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