Group: Feeding Instructions

Feeding Suggestions for Dogs (Wet Foods)

On our wet food labels we suggest to “Feed according to the age, size, and activity of your dog. If fed alone, feed 1.0oz for each pound of bodyweight daily.” Ideally, figuring out how much to feed your very unique pup comes down to trial and error, but it is of course great to have […]

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Can I feed the cat food to my dog or vice versa?

In our household, we have three cats and a dog: a dog that is a vacuum cleaner. So, often, our dog gets into our cats’ food. And this is okay! It’s fine to feed the dog food to cats and vice versa, but not for every meal. Our cat foods were formulated for cats and […]

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Are Weruva foods ok to feed puppies and kittens?

The vast majority of our line is formulated to meet the needs of adults. As cats and dogs have different nutritional requirements, we offer separate adult maintenance formulas for each species. Recently, we have launched a Kitten line. However, as we don’t yet have a puppy line, our dog offerings remain for adult dogs.

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