Glitter Litter!

Is your litter dull, ugly, and boring?
Does your cat need more pizazz in its life?

Say good-bye to boring functional odor-absorbing litter…
And say hello to Weruva’s new Glitter Litter*!

Brighten up your litter box with Weruva’s new Glitter Litter (patent pending)! Tear open a bag and pour it into your cat’s litter box to marvel at the magical shimmering explosion. You won’t be able to look away!

Glitter litter is not only beautiful to look at, it’s multi-functional!

Are you always saying to yourself, “where is that darn cat?” Well, now in addition to adding some pizazz to the mundane litter box, you can track them through the house by following their sparkly prints of glitter that adorn the floor!

Organic**, all-natural***, and ultra-high tracking****! Glitter Litter is great for those that enjoy limited ingredient products; it’s just glitter, that’s it! BONUS – If your cat doesn’t like the new litter, you can use it for your next arts and crafts project with the kids.


*Glitter Litter is NOT ACTUAL LITTER and does not really exist… APRIL FOOLS!
**Not organic, ***Not all-natural, and definitely NOT ACTUAL LITTER.
****Never use glitter as litter, it’s a bad idea all around and not safe for pets.
*****We’re not really selling this, but if you want an awesome litter from Weruva, check out It’s a Tea Potty Litter in the link below!

Interested in a litter that ACTUALLY works?!

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