Why carrageenan-free?

Over the years we’ve received many requests to remove carrageenan from our aspic recipes from pet parents who are looking to phase it out of their cats’ diets. So, we listened and did just that – Weruva cat foods are now Carrageenan Free!

Carrageenan is an ingredient that helps thicken foods and make the aspic (aspic is the gel-like substance that holds the food together). Aspic does a great job at helping create a texture which allows ingredients to be “protected” during the cooking process, kind of like fruit in a jello mold.

We made a simple formulation change to all cat products that contain carrageenan (by removing it), and this change has impacted the appearance of the product.

With carrageenan removed, the remaining gums no longer form a gel (like a traditional aspic), and instead, the recipe takes on a gravy-like/soft gel-like texture. This, of course, creates a very different appearance than the original recipe– though the amount of water and meat is the same in both versions. As fish is delicate and flaky, it may break apart in the gravy as it is not “protected” by a thicker aspic, so the minced-like pieces may become even smaller.

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