Where are Weruva foods made?

Our “human-style” foods are made in Thailand in facilities that also make food for people – in fact, much of the people food goes to the US, EU, Australia and Japan.

Thailand is a world leader in producing foods for people (and in our case, pets) around the globe. We choose to make our food in Thailand because of their close partnerships with us and their ability to meet our stringent manufacturing standards. Furthermore, we strive to be a sustainable business partner by working to protect both the earth’s resources and the living beings that inhabit it. By being diligent with best business practices and maintaining the global standard certifications we hold, we manage each step in our supply chain with ethical and sustainable practices.

Other Interesting Facts about Pet Foods Made in Thailand:

  • The USFDA recognizes the Thai FDA
  • The facility where Weruva is made is USFDA certified
  • Thailand provides a large portion of the fish consumed in the U.S.
  • Pet foods produced in Thailand are subject to greater scrutiny than in the U.S.