Should I be concerned about mercury? How often can I feed fish?

Fish will have some level of mercury, and we do test for mercury, histamines and polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB). Yet, not all fish were created equally. In a nutshell, the lower on the food chain, the younger and smaller the fish, the less mercury the fish will have. We use fish that meet the FDA’s list of those lower in mercury. There are many species of tuna, some of which have high levels of mercury; we use skipjack, a smaller and younger species that has lower levels.

With that said, we do try to rotate the protein sources for our cats, as they prefer the fish too. We do not have a specific recommendation on how much to feed per week, but we do believe in a nice balance between proteins from the land and sea. At home, our cats are fish “junkies,” so we often find ourselves mixing in some chicken with the fish. For instance, we often mix Mideast Feast with Paw Lickin’ Chicken.