Can I feed the cat food to my dog or vice versa?

In our household, we have three cats and a dog: a dog that is a vacuum cleaner. So, often, our dog gets into our cats’ food. And this is okay!

It’s fine to feed the dog food to cats and vice versa, but not for every meal. Our cat foods were formulated for cats and the dog food for dogs, but we often interchange foods with our dog and cats frequently. Dogs and cats are part of the carnivora family which means they are meat-eaters at heart. We developed all of our recipes with this in mind. There are differences between the dog food and cat food, for example, we add taurine (an essential amino acid for cats) to the cat food but not the dog food. A dog’s body produces taurine from the food it eats whereas as a cat cannot do it as efficiently. There is naturally occurring taurine in the meat, so there will be natural taurine in all formulas.