Are Weruva’s Cans BPA-Free?

  • Weruva has used the same raw materials in its cans today as we did in our first produced cans in 2006. Our manufacturing partner sources the raw materials to make the cans, and then they produce the cans on premises. They utilize a high quality raw material that is fit for use in products for people in the United States and the strict European Union. Upon inquiry in 2007, we were informed that our cans were free of bisphenol-A (BPA).
  • In 2008, as BPA was becoming a more popular topic, we sought formal certification from our can supplier that the raw materials were BPA free. In early 2009, we received the following certification from our can supplier: “Materials containing BPA, BPF, BADGE, BFDGE or NOGE (epoxodized novolac resins) are not knowingly added to [the] lacquer, and therefore this can be considered as being epoxy (BPA, BPF, BADGE, BFDGE and NOGE) free.”
  • While we have been informed that the above statement remains true as they pertain to our 3.0oz and 5.5oz cans, our manufacturing partner recently has informed us that the supplier of the cans will no longer certify that the cans are BPA free due to the fact that trace amounts of BPA may be present due to other items in the plant that contain BPA.
  • In light of increasing awareness of BPA, we can understand the added caution used when making claims, and we accept the information provided by our manufacturer. Please be assured that we will continue to seek the best options for our pets. We hope that this new information helps you, our valued customers, to make accurate and informed decisions.