Weruva Pound for Pound Dry Dog Food Donation Drive

Weruva Pound for Pound Dry Dog Food Donation Drive

Weruva was founded in 2006 when David and Stacie Forman wanted to feed their three rescue cats a better pet food. When the best couldn’t be found, they made it themselves! Ever since Weruva’s humble beginnings, David and Stacie have supported pet rescue organizations all over the nation. This year, to start 2019 off right, Weruva is supporting non-profit dog rescues by putting kibble in bowls for dogs in need, and not just any kibble, the best Weruva has to offer!

Updated Results!

With your support during our February Kibble drive, we were able to donate over 8,500 lbs of kibble to three well-deserving rescue shelters across the US. Thank you to everyone who participated!

100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades
Our mission is to rescue them, bring them back to health, and show them that not all humans are bad, and that love and a warm bed are just around the corner. Beyond that, we work to raise awareness about this brutal reality happening right in our community, with the hope that our message will result in alternative solutions and more responsible and humane decisions by pet owners.

Mac’s Mission
Mac’s Mission “specializes in special”, our focus is on the homeless “janky” dogs who would die without us. The injured, abused, and birth defects, that is our mission. Shelters and rescues do not have the time or resources that we do so most of these special dogs get sadly euthanized. Our hope is to give them the chance they need to thrive and heal in an environment full of love and caring.

Frosted Faces Foundation
Frosted Faces Foundation is a 501C3 non profit organization that selivers the promise of family and quality veterinary care for senior animals whose love and lives are in jeopardy.

Why is Weruva’s Harmony & Melody one of the best dry dog foods available today?

We’ll get to that. But first, David, the founder of Weruva, and his kids want to take you down the Pumpkin Patch Road to teach you how Harmony and Melody dry dog foods provide the majority of calories through protein, not carbs (hint, it’s all in the heart-chart!) in this Weruva Wizard of Oz rendition!

Did you learn a little more about calories and the role they play in a dry dog food? Let’s break it down with the heart chart.

The Weruva dry dog food heart chart!

Calories for people and pets come from three places: protein, fat and carbohydrates. Every dog has different caloric needs, and we believe better nutrition starts with high-quality protein calories, so we crafted all of our dry foods this way.

Historically, many traditional kibbles were highest in carbohydrate calories (not good), and pet parents came to know these as “formulas with filler”. There has since been a shift to high-meat content kibbles, but as meat also contains fat content, the vast majority of such formulas leaves the majority of calories coming from fat (also not the best). In kibble, the majority of calories are rarely, if ever, derived from protein. So, through special processing and precise ingredient processing of lean meats, Weruva is proud to say it is the only company with all dry products to have the majority of calories coming from protein.  

Take a look at the Hearth Chart to see that protein provides the majority of calories! With this appropriate balance of calories, we crafted a healthy and nutritious dry dog food that dogs love and thrive on.

Here are a few more fun facts:

  • Minimum of 70% or 80% animal-based proteins (chicken, lamb, venison, turkey and salmon) – aka, higher protein content than most kibbles!
  • Added pumpkin in every bite for fiber
  • Made in a BRC-approved facility in Canada (arguably the strictest standard in the world)
  • Traceable, sustainably sourced ingredients, including sustainably sourced: chicken and turkey from US and Canada; salmon and salmon meal from US, Norway and Canada; venison and lamb from New Zealand and Australia; legumes from US and Canada; taurine from Japan
  • Toxin and peroxide testing on all incoming ingredients
  • Grain-free and gluten-free options available
  • Low glycemic index and load
  • High animal-to-plant-protein ratio
  • Promotes healthy digestion

Thank you to everyone who has supported Weruva over the years, Because WeLuvya!