A dry-food game-changer, Weruva Harmony dog foods are made in a Canadian BRC-Approved Facility, with recipes that include a minimum of 70% or 80% animal-based proteins including chicken, turkey, and salmon, along with plant-based prebiotics and pumpkin for fiber. With grain-free and gluten-free options, these dry foods will have your pup’s health and digestion crooning a new tune in no time!

Features & Benefits

  • Higher protein content than most kibbles
  • Grain-free and gluten-free options available
  • Low glycemic index and load
  • High animal-to-plant-protein ratio
  • Promotes healthy digestion
  • No Chinese ingredients


Quality Control

  • Made in a BRC-approved facility in Canada (arguably the strictest standard in the world)
  • Moisture, protein and fat levels monitored every 30 minutes during production
  • Traceable, sustainably sourced ingredients, sustainably sourced: chicken and turkey from US and Canada, salmon and salmon meal from US, Norway and Canada, venison and lamb from New Zealand and Australia, legumes from US and Canada, taurine from Japan
  • Toxin and peroxide testing on all incoming ingredients


Welcome to Weruva Grade
Every Weruva recipe exceeds the highest standards for pet food.