Pet Speak

Why Are Cats So Darn Picky?

Weruva owner David Forman spoke with pet food industry expert, Tracie Hotchner about WHY are cats so darn picky?! You can view her original article here and listen to the podcast here. But if you’re in a pinch – here are our main takeaways. Their preferences start young – what cats are fed when they […]

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Pumpkin for Happy Bellies

Pumpkin season is almost here, and it means more than tasty lattes and pumpkin treats. At Weruva it means fewer toots and more happy poops thanks to pumpkin! We’re excited to introduce two new Pumpkin Patch Up! recipes so read on for more pumpkin fun!

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Weruva Gives Back

”Caring, kindness, and diligence paid to pets and their people.” Ask any Weruva team member what Weruva stands for, and they will instantly quote this line. It is how we do business, it is how we treat our family, and it is how we strive to treat all, human or animal.

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