B.F.F. Rack Assembly Instructions (60 in. version)

What is all this stuff?

A reference for assembling the POP pieces onto your B.F.F. Rack! You can also download a handy dandy how-to guide.

Blades (2)

Magnet brackets attach to the face of 2 shelves on the left & right sides of shelf strips. There are 2 brackets for each blade. 

Header Card (1)

These are the pieces you will use to display the header card on the rack.

Loosely thread zip-ties through the header card pre-drilled holes.

Mount the header card conduit pipes and hardware onto the top shelf, so that each one is approximately 13” in from the posts.

Here is an example of a properly mounted header card.

Mount the head card onto the header card conduit (be sure to not over tighten the zip-ties).