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My cat/dog has weight management issues, can I feed Weruva?

Our formulas were not designed for any specific purpose. They are designed to be complete and balanced for adult maintenance. Based upon what we put in the can, high quality meat with moisture, they are often helpful with certain conditions. There is literature out there as to what types of diets may be best for certain conditions. Our foods often meet the descriptions of such diets and therefore may be helpful. However, they are not designed to prevent, cure or treat any particular ailment.

Calories for people and pets come from 3 places: protein, fat and carbohydrates. If you look at the calories in meat, they are protein and fat based with minimal if any calories coming from carbohydrates. For both dogs and cats, they require protein and fat. But for both, carbohydrates are not metabolically necessary. Cats and dog do not need any carbohydrates.

In the case of dogs, many can adapt to eating the diet of an omnivore, which is one that eats meat and carbohydrates. However, many dogs cannot adapt to being an omnivore, and they have issues with carbs, whether they have allergies to the carbs or whether the carbs lead to weight gain.

Cats, on the other hand, are “obligate carnivores” and do not adapt to a diet containing significant carbohydrates. As an obligate carnivore, cats must eat meat. Their bodies are not meant at all to handle carbohydrates as a significant source of nutrition.

Carbohydrates are calories that go into a cat’s body, and a cat’s body is not equipped to break them down efficiently into energy. Carbohydrates, when they go into human body, are broken into simple sugars which are then used for energy. The sugars that are not used as energy are then stored as fat. Humans are meant to eat carbs, and still, much of carb consumption will turn into fat in our bodies.  In the case of cats and dogs that are not necessarily equipped to handle carbs, weight management issues may surface.

At Weruva, we formulate our foods with the carnivore in mind. This means more meat which in turn means the vast majority of calories come from protein and fat. A protein and fat based focus with limited carbohydrates helps promote healthy weight management.

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