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How did a husband and wife with three rescued cats get into the pet food business?

We were always looking into the best nutrition for ourselves, so it naturally followed that we would look for the best nutrition for our feline companions. This led us to holistic and natural pet stores where we found a variety of brands of which we had never heard. We became enthusiastic about the foods we found, and one day, we opened up a can of tuna based cat food and a light bulb went on in David’s head . . . “hmm, my father sells tuna fish for human consumption, perhaps the factory can make us a pet food.”

As it turns out, the factory that makes human food for David’s father’s company, Jana Brands, Inc (Jana is David’s sister), also makes pet food for many countries in Europe and Asia, with many of the pet products being truly fit for human consumption! The next thing we knew, we received various samples from the factory with German, Japanese, Italian, Australian and British labels . . . and when we opened the cans and pouches, we were taken aback . . . whoa, we never knew pet food could look so non-pet foody . . . and whoa, did Webster, Rudi and Vanessa love them!

As far as getting the business going, among other things, we were very fortunate to have 3 decades plus experience making human food with our manufacturing partner and a finely tuned infrastructure under which to operate.

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