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Can I trust Thailand as your place of manufacture, and why don’t you make your products in the US?

Yes, you can absolutely trust Thailand as a place of manufacture.

As you can see with our products, they are quite different than most pet food brands. We reach these results though our manufacturing partner’s unparalleled capabilities, something we truly cannot find anywhere else, regardless of country of manufacture. You can see the difference upon opening a can, and your companions can taste the difference!

In choosing Thailand as a place of manufacture, we had an existing relationship making food for people with our manufacturing partner for decades. We place extreme value on this deeply rooted, mutual foundation of trust and experience, something we would not have when choosing another factory, US based or elsewhere.

As we learned with the recall of 2007, close to 100 brands of pet food were produced in one facility. In contrast, a company founded by the father of one of Weruva's co-founders, secured an an exclusive relationship on products for people entering the US from this facility, and after decades of high quality production, this company earned the award of Vendor of the Millennium by the Subway Sandwich chain.

Thailand is recognized as a world leader when it comes to food production for people. If you look around the supermarket, you may be surprised to learn that much of the food for people has been produced in Thailand, such as fish and fruit. In fact, the US imports about 80% of its fish with a large portion coming from Thai plants. If you eat fish at a restaurant, there is a strong chance that it was caught in Pacific waters and processed in an Asian plant.

In that regard, our factory is a human food facility that also makes pet food. As such, the processing of the pet food must meet those of international human processing standards. Perhaps the strictest human processing standard is called the British Retail Consortium (BRC). Our factory earned an “A” on the BRC standard for human consumption, and this distinction would also apply to the pet food side.

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