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Subject: Weruva

Date: Thu 2/05/2015


I just wanted to say Thank You for making such a great cat food.  I have a rescued cat that never seemed to find a food she liked or could keep down.  Knowing I needed to keep looking for a premium food, while being concerned of BPA and other unnecessary ingredients, I came across Weruva.  My cat inhales it while licking the plate clean and the problem with keeping food down has disappeared.  You did everything right with your food by keeping out unnecessary ingredients and providing a high moisture content.  Her favorites are Pumpkin Lickin' Chicken and Chick Magnet.  Thanks again.


Subject: The best cat food ever!

Date: Thu 12/02/2014

I recently started feeding my ancient cat, who is upwards of 19 years old, Weruva.  She had been having difficulty keeping food down, but has been perfectly fine since I changed her diet to Chicken Soup with Pumpkin.  She’s putting on weight, has more energy and is just healthier and more comfortable. Thanks for making the best cat food ever!



Subject: Thank you!

Date: Thu 11/26/2014

Hello Weruva Team,


I just wanted to say thank you for your fabulous cat foods! I have a 10 year old Maine Coone mix, Mr Darcy, and he is as fussy and delicate as his name suggests. But he just devours your food. Being located on the edge of oblivion in Perth, Western Australia it has only *just* found it’s way out here, but I am so very grateful.


Thanks again and hoping that the treats make it here too.


Your newest fans,

Sally & (a contented) Mr Darcy

Subject: Recent Purchase

Date: Thu 11/20/2014

Good afternoon,


I just wanted to write a quick thank you note to your company.  Last Jan we rescued a kitty from the humane society (also have an 18 year old cat).  Miss Kali came to us eating wet food.  This was not something we were used to as my older cat has only eaten dry.  It took quite a bit of trial and error to find something she likes.  After I really got looking at the foods I was buying, the first ingredient was meat by-products.  GROSS!  I dropped into Urban Paws in Kingston, Ontario.  Tried a few other foods there.  Nothing with meat by-products of course, but the only food Kali begs for (and I mean begs) is Weruva and BFF.  Low and behold my 18 year cats appears every morning and every night for his fill!  How fantastic is that?!  So, for almost a year now I have been buying nothing but your product.  Today I dropped into Urban Paws to stock up and talk about fantastic timing, the Weruva rep was there!!  I relayed my wonderful experience with him and he had some samples for my kitties.  (super nice guy by the way)  BONUS!  So, I want to thank your company for a super fantastic product that keep my cats healthy and happy!!!





Subject: B.F.F. Cat Food

Date: Sun 10/26/2014




I just wanted to write and tell you that my cats all love your B.F.F. pouch cat food.  I found it at my local health food store but was reluctant to try it because my 6 cats are the most finicky eaters of all time . . .


. . . I was shopping at our local health food store "Food Matters" when I first saw the B.F.F. pouches.  I was impressed by the ingredient list and thought I would try a couple for my fish fanatics and the gravy stealer.  But what a surprise when I realized that all 6 of my cats loved this food and wanted more!  We rescued our oldest cat 14 years ago and since then we've had at least 4 cats at one time, all rescues as well.  In all that time, there has not been a single wet food that appealed to every cat until now with B.F.F.  Everyone loves it  . . .


. . . Thanks for making such a great product that all my cats love!  And thank you as well for clearly stating the nutritional information for all your products on your website.  Being able to immediately find the amount of calories per serving for a cat food is extremely rare.  I usually have to either contact the company directly or do some creative math calculations.  I've read through your entire website and your passion for producing quality pet food is just wonderful!



Joyce Gula (and Bam Bam, Miss Kitty, Punkina, Tweety, Samantha, and Wilson)

Subject: Love your dog food

Date: Thu 9/25/2014




I am just writing to thank you!! I have finally found a dog food that my dog loves.  She is a 10 year old yorkie poodle who has developed some serious outdoor allergies within the last year. Because of this I now buy her grain free and it seems to be better for her itching problems.  I have tried and thrown away many different brands of dog food because she just wouldn’t eat them.  I decided to try your food because it looked easy for her to eat (she doesn’t have many teeth) and contained vegetables and other ingredients for her.


Thank you for making my dog love eating without having to add cheese or something that is not good for her.



Subject: Thank you

Date: Mon 9/15/2014


I adopted our Syd, 15 pound male Bombay breed several months ago. He's a almost two years.  He loves "Cats In The Kitchen" especially "Funk In The Trunk" and "Fowl Ball" He's on a low-carb, wet only, grain free diet after trying him on several different brands of grain free wet food, he loves loves Weruva. He was a former "dry food addict" I love the fact that I can read and pronounce all the ingredients on the label. Thank you so much for your wonderful and nutritious cat food.




Syd and his human Jessica

Subject: Thank you

Date: Thu 9/11/2014


. . .  Long story.. lots of reading, research, and checking out the different nutrition charts. This led me to try b.f.f. canned food – they loved it!  I didn’t know it was a Weruva product at the time. Same with Cats in the Kitchen pouches – tried it and they loved it! And lastly the Weruva tins.


I have been to the different pet stores in Calgary, Canada (not every store has the same selection) finding different flavours of your food products, and we have had a food tasting party for the last 2 months.


In July I had to take a syringe and feed my cat (with  the kidney disease), juice from one the cat foodsI was using at the time because he wouldn't eat.  He is now my biggest eater (we might even say he's a little piggy:) and is doing so much better.

I credit your cat food varieties for the change. I wanted to be short and sweet but – too late – so I will wind up by saying, thank you several reasons.


All of my cats love your food brands (other than Truluxe which I haven’t yet found in Calgary)


* You have a selection of high protein/lower phosphorus choices

* You have high standards of food quality/food preparation

* Your excellent nutrition charts and ease of access on your website – it makes things less complicated and shows me that you take pride in your products and stand behind them

* My cats are healthier now, I feel more in control of things and I can rest easy - I have no children, these boys are my kids!


Thank you so much for setting such a high bar on cat food and nutrition – I love it.. ‘the boys’ love it :-)




Subject: Lids for 3 oz cat food cans

Date: Tue 9/3/2014


Just an interesting note. We have 3 10-month old cats from Berkeley Humane Society. Even when they were only several months old, Oscar, an all black, 10 lb. sleek guy, would only eat dry food. His siblings devour almost any wet food we get, but he refused it all. We have tried almost every brand and finally, we found that he loves Funk in the Trunk. So do his brother and sister, so we buy it by the case now.

Subject: Lids for 3 oz cat food cans

Date: Sat 8/30/2014


Hi There!

I have a 15 year old Siamese who has kidney failure. Trying to find a wet food with the right consistency that she will eat has been *extraordinarily* difficult!!! Over and over, we have tried to select low protein, low phosphorus wet foods she will eat and allow to be watered down (distilled water works best, as tap often lends additional, unwanted flavouring). It has been quite the battle, as, like I said, my cat is picky and rejects most wet food choices.

Today, a good friend told me about b.f.f. Using your store locator, I found a pet store in my town (to my delight!) who carried it. We bought one packet of each flavour since most of the time, the cat food doesn't get eaten and we have to return it.

The packet we are trying is Tuna and Salmon Sweet Cheeks. When I opened it and saw the consistency, I was amazed because it was EXACTLY what I had been trying to achieve on my own by mashing up wet foods and adding water-only to have my cat half finish the portion. So much waste :(

Not so with b.f.f.! She ate EVERY BITE of the portion I served her, even when I watered it down more! My cat stayed right where she was and ate every bite of b.f.f.!!! I was relieved, amazed, and thankful, because her life truly depends on how much water she intakes!!!




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