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Subject: A happy kitty in the kitchen

Date:Thu 9/24/2015


A note of thanks.


Our cat, Kirby, is 17.5 years old and still going strong.  Up until about 4 months ago she has eaten a consistent diet of high-quality canned and dry food.  About 6 months ago the canned food she liked was discontinued so we went in search of a replacement.  The nice people at Mud Bay in Redmond Washington directed us to their shelf of Weruva products; products we were unaware of.  We were told this is “human grade” food for your cat.  That’s exactly what we’re looking for!


So, we tried it.


Kirby loves the seafood and fowl flavors in the Cats In The Kitchen series.  She now anticipates meals and eats them heartily.  Though not bad before, her energy level and attitude have improved.  We hope that we have many more years with her and that Weruva food is with us all the way.


Thank you for providing this product.  Kirby loves it!



Subject: My Cats LOVE YOU!

Date:Thu 9/17/2015


Thank you. The best ever.

Best of everything to you both. I will refer your products to everyone and continue to serve " Pumpkin Jack Splash" to my Dear sweet. Fawcett Ann. (Who was found by my friend, locked in a crate and tossed in the woods to die.) Fawcett LOVES it! I will buy her anything that she wants and she wants YOUR PRODUCTS!

Thank you so much



Subject: THANKS!

Date:Mon 9/15/2015


I am writing to tell you how much my cat loves your BFF pouches, and to thank you for your product!  My cat was very sick during the spring, eating very little and losing a lot of weight.  I must have thrown out 50+ cans of food that she refused to eat.  I had nearly run out of options and was feeling pretty desperate.  One afternoon, close to my breaking point, I offered her the tuna and salmon pouch, sprinkled with a little bit of parmesan cheese.  SHE ATE IT, and it felt like a miracle!  Slowly she started gaining weight again, and now, nearly 6 months later, she is healthy and vibrant.  Your BFF pouches are still the only food she will eat.


Thank you so much helping me pull my cat back from the brink!  She and I plan to be loyal customers for years to come!

June 25th, 2015 - Via Facebook


BEST. PET FOOD. EVER! My finicky dog will eat anything out of a Weruva can and it's the only food I see him get excited for. He loves your Dogs in the Kitchen line. You also do an excellent job of educating concerned customers—and cynics—regarding doubts about overseas manufacturing, "questionable" ingredients, etc. I, for one, am incredibly pleased and impressed with the quality of food and service Weruva brings to the pet food industry. Keep doing what you're doing (and I'll keep buying)!! Weruva Foreva!


Subject: Commendation from a picky eater

Date:Tue 6/23/2015



Hi Weruva!


I'm writing to you from Vancouver BC. I recently switched my 6 year old Hiro to eating only all-natural grain free wet food and you would not believe the troubles I saw with Mr. Picky Eater. I know he prefers fish so I went through every brand that I could find at the pet store, and he would simply NOT touch the food. He would rather go hungry for a full day- which is definitely not something I enjoyed putting him through. Until I gave him B.F.F... He loves it! I don' know how you've made the perfect food for my kitty with presumably the same ingredients as the other brands, but I sincerely thank you for making my life a bit easier :)


With Best Regards,

V & H

Subject: Thans so much!

Date: Fri 4/17/2015


Hi Guys!

I just wanted to say thank you for making wonderful dog food. I have a puppy who swiftly developed a plethora food allergies shortly after we got him, and I was cooking him great but expensive and time consuming food. I was struggling for a long time to find a single brand that didn't have one of the many ingredients he cannot eat, until I found Weruva. Not only can he eat your food, but he can actually eat almost all of your food, as opposed to a single flavor. It's so nice to have found a company that really cares about what it's doing and want to make sure we all have happy healthy animals.




Subject: Thank you!

Date: Tue 4/07/2015


As a mom to three "fur babies" (My cats). I just wanted to say, Thank you! It was an easy switch from McDonald's cat food to The whole foods version. My 12,10 and 8 year old kitties Are back to being healthy and happy. When I opened my first can of Paw Lickin Chicken, I was shocked. It looked just like the stuff I make sandwiches with. And my babies love dinner time. We bounce between B.f.f, Cats in the Kitchen, because weluvya and Trueluxe. Humans don't eat the same meal everyday and neither should our pets. So again, thank you for such an amazing product!!

Subject: Thanks, Weruva! :D

Date: Wed 3/25/2015



Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know what a godsend your cat food has been. :)


A couple of years ago, we took in a stray cat with FIV and some other health issues, and each day is a blessing, and brings new joys and new challenges.  One of those challenges is simply trying to get him to eat.  His sense of smell has been significantly compromised due to frequent upper respiratory infections and chronic hay fever, and like most cats, if he can't smell his food, he doesn't want to eat it.  Sometimes we've opened three or four cans for just one meal, and he wouldn't eat a single bite of any of them. :(


Well, a few months ago, he also developed FLUTD, and we were advised to switch him to a better quality canned food that was high in moisture, high in animal protein, low in carbs, low in magnesium, etc., and to stop feeding him a steady diet of fish-flavored cat food.  I felt like our little guy was doomed, because sometimes fish-favored cat food is all he seems to be able to smell, and I was worried that he was going to starve to death, or develop fatty liver disease like one of our other cats did.


So I did some internet research, and accidentally stumbled across some glowing reviews of your products on various cat forums.  They also said that while Weruva's cat food isn't specifically designed for kitties with urinary tract disorders, it's a happy coincidence that it has all of the qualities we were looking for.


Okay, I admit, I was skeptical.  It just sounded too good to be true, and figured it would be yet another disappointment in a long string of disappointments that would wind up in the proverbial graveyard of uneaten cat food.  But we felt it was worth a try.  So we made a special trip to a pet supply store that's a bit out of the way for us, and bought a can of Weruva Truluxe Peking Ducken.


Whoa!  I almost had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming!  I was still in the process of pulling the lid off the can when my cat started head-butting me and frantically pawing at me like, "Move it, move it!  Hungry cat here!  Get out of the way!"  I couldn't spoon it out of the can fast enough for him, and he gobbled down almost an entire can in less than ten minutes.  And to give you an idea what a huge improvement that is, it usually takes us about an hour to hand feed him since we have to keep moving the spoon under his nose so he can get a good whiff of each bite and be tempted to eat it.  Now with Weruva/Truluxe/Cats in the Kitchen, we don't have to spend as much time trying to get him to eat, so we have more time to play with him and spoil him rotten. ;-)


We've tried some other flavors since then, and of course, there are some he likes better than others.  For example, for some weird reason, he's not as fond of the meals in a pouch, although he absolutely adores the broth part!  So if you guys ever start selling broth as a stand-alone product, I'm sure we'll be one of your biggest customers. ;)


Thanks Weruva, and God bless you!

Subject: My 4 cats love love your products

Date: Fri 3/20/2015

I just had to write & thank you for creating and making wonderful no by-product no grain no filler cat food.


You're probably like me and most animal lovers, our cats/dogs are our family & I want to feed them the best


So I had to write & thank you.  I buy your products at Pet Supplies Plus in Oak Lawn IL.


Oh by the way, my cats always weasel me into giving them another can of your food after they just split a can cuz they love it.


Subject: Great Product

Date: Mon 2/16/2015


I normally don’t gush about a product but yours is the exception.   We have two very picky Maine Coon cats who love wet food.  Over the years we have tried to get them to eat healthy wet food.  We went to the Natural Pet Store and tried almost everything.  Finally we went to a Pet Depot Barkery and they recommended your product.  We gave it a shot and they ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!  They love it just as much as their trashy food [from another brand] which is a huge accomplishment.  I can now comfortably give away their old [brand] and they can eat the good stuff!





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