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July 29, 2007

Bone Appetit! Recall has increased pets’ fine dining options

ONE positive after-effect of the pet food recall tragedy has been increased awareness and availability of premium-quality food that’s minimally processed and “human-grade”, i.e. good enough for people to eat.

New Yorkers David and Stacie Forman created a new “super luxe” cat food named Weruva (weruva.com), after the couple’s three shelter-adopted cats, Webster, Rudi and Vanessa. Ingredients include fish from all over the world, from the recognizable (tuna, Mackerel, calamari) to the more exotic (trevally, barramundi, tilapia, shirasu).

As a result, Weruva’s getting a rep for enticing finicky felines (like my cat Ludmilla) with taste standards so high they’d sooner fast than eat less than the best. Case in point: A couple of weeks ago, Ludmilla grew tired of her canned food, craving only kibble. Then she stopped eating that. As a last minute emergency option, I served Weruva, and she dug right in.

Weruva also works well as a cloaking device for dog medication – insert prescription pills in a chunk and watch Fido inhale.

Julia Szabo, Pet Reporter
New York Post, Sunday, July 29, 2007

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