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Weruva Cat Rap (and doggies too)!

Nutrition Mission:
Keep It Simple, Keep It Safe

By Founder David Forman (Check in soon for video!)


They say reading is fun
But we’ve got another mission
We’re gonna rap and rhyme
About companion animal nutrition

So get ready, get set
For our little ditty
We’ll arm you with knowledge
For your dog and kitty

We have a motto at Weruva
It’s “Keep it simple, keep it safe”
Feed the diet of the carnivore
And health falls into place

Feed meat with moisture
Get hydration through meat
“Keep it simple, keep is safe”
Is the message we repeat

Feed the diet of the Carnivore?
What does that mean?
Keep the carbohydrates low
And feed meat that’s lean

Calories for people and pets
Come from 3 places
But our pets need only 2 sources
For their nutritional basis

There are protein, fat and carbs
For caloric sources
But carbs are not required for cats and dogs
Like they are for horses

So let’s take a look at meat
What calories are in there?
We see protein, we see fat
But the carb content is bare

So cats and dogs get their calories
From protein and fat
Carbs are not metabolically necessary
It’s as simple as that

Some dogs can adapt
To an omnivore’s diet
But a cat is an obligate carnivore
So we don’t suggest that you try it

You can make dry kibble
With some great protein and fats
But you can’t make one without carbohydrates
So we won’t produce one for cats


So if we look to nature
What does a cat eat?
They eat birds, they eat mice
They eat really moist meat

Just like our human bodies
Water must be foremost and first
But it’s not from a lake, stream or bowl
Where a cat quenches its thirst

Hydration through meat
It does the cat’s body good
We don’t need to be a nutritionist
To see that cats get water from food

Water intake is essential for cats
It is an undeniable fact
It helps keep the kidneys flushed
And supports the urinary tract

Originally from the desert
Cats evolved without a strong thirst drive
They adapted by eating moist meat
In order to thrive

Dry food is about 8% water
On moisture it’s real light
The prey of cats may be 10 times more moist
When compared bite to bite

Weruva is about 80% moisture
It’s a point we celebrate
Because it is through food
Where a cat must hydrate

Really? No dry food?
Can I feed it on occasion?
We say not at Weruva
As it can present chronic dehydration

“But I top the kibble with gravy,
He really laps up that stuff”
A cat may even drink a lot of water
But it may never be enough

It’s not overly scientific
It’s just what cats do
That’s our take on nutrition
The rest is up to you

Keep it simple, Keep it safe
We will say it again and again
Best of health, best of happiness
To you and your furry friend

©2011 WERUVA, Inc. All rights reserved.